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About Us

Logistiky is among the leading providers of supply chain management and procurement services.

Logistiky works closely with original equipment manufacturer from across Europe to leverage additional cost-savings and efficiencies from their existing supply chain. By reducing the costs associated with the purchasing of parts and harmonizing logistical efforts, we are ultimately able to reduce the cost of production, thereby enabling a business to operate smoother and, importantly, in a more profitable manner.

We do this by working closely with your existing staff. By analysing your annual forecasts and using a fair bit of technical wizardry, we put in place a plan that will ensure all the electronic, electrical and electromechanical components and parts that you need is delivered promptly, no matter your production schedules.

In additional, we also ensure that local buffer stock is always available to you – so that you can react to an increase in demand without worrying about lead times.

Simply put, we reduce complexity and costs whilst increasing efficiency and competitiveness.

What can Logistiky offer your business?

  • Global procurement expertise that delivers the parts you need on time at a competitive price
  • Reduced inventory and stock availability on a pay and consume basis
  • Locally buffer stock available to your production line at an annually fixed price
  • Cost-effective vendor and inventory reduction programmes
  • Web-based transparency of all procurement and material movements
  • Value-added services, such as kitting, inventory management and electronic manufacturing