Business services

As a young and entrepreneurial team we are highly focused on Business in China. The focus of World Portal Trading is to provide high quality manufacturing solutions.

Aside from providing Manufacturing solutions we can also provide advice or solutions for :

  • Social Compliance
  • Drop shipping from China
  • Product branding and design
  • Market entry into China
  • Sales and trade assistance
  • China or Hong Kong Business incorporation
  • Project outsourcing
  • Local hiring
  • Office or warehouse leasing
  • Investment

China is an amazing Country with an ever rising, middle class and a wealth of opportunities. The Chinese people are very open and welcoming when it comes to Business, we are always willing to work as a bridge for opportunities that can work either or both ways.

We love taking entrepreneurs dreams and ideas and making them a reality. We have worked with at least five entrepreneurs who have appeared on the RTE TV series “The Dragons Den”.

Get in contact with us to discuss any potential partnerships.